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Grief Support Forms

New Clients [Self-referral or Professional referral]:

Both Forms can be completed online and then saved to your desktop as a pdf. They cannot be completed by using a phone.  Then either email as a pdf or print/fax to Deb before your appointment.

•   Grief Intake Form

•   Emergency Contact & Release Form

  Deb's Grief Consult Brochure


Grief Intake Form & Release : Please complete on a computer, save as a pdf, then email Deb or print & fax or bring to your appointment, or if you don't have access to a printer, complete my hard copy form when you come for your face-to-face appointment.

Your responses on the Grief Intake Form will give me a better understanding of the various factors that may be impacting your grief process.

If you choose to mail the forms please Mail to PO Box 54, Okemos, MI 48805.


Professionals - If you would like to refer a client:


•   Professional Referral Form

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3899 Okemos Rd A1

Okemos, MI 48864

517.381.1940  phone

866.290.5206  fax

MAIL to: PO Box 54

Okemos, MI 48805

Schedule an Appointment...

If you would like to share your grief story and concerns within a safe and compassionate atmosphere, please call or email.


If you call, please leave a message and a time for me to call you back. I get many spam calls so I send calls directly to voicemail.

*** If you would like an appt, please complete my Intake and Release Forms.

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